London Life

When the chance came around, I gladly took a trip to London. I sleepily boarded the wrong train at 8 a.m. and hurried off again promptly. I grabbed a coffee, headed to the right platform this time, and prepared myself for the long train journey ahead. When we arrived at Euston, I stepped onto the platform, breathed in the London air and walked (laiden with bags) to my hotel. My afternoon was spent in make up shops galore (MAC, NARS and Charlotte Tilbury to name a few). I later spent the night in Leicester Square, teary eyed as I watched Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone portray Sebastian (jazz fanatic) and Mia (budding actress) in the global phenomenon, La la Land. Many times, my friends had told me to watch the highly praised film, I finally understood what intrigued the thousands of people globally. La la land is a masterpiece where two people try to find the balance between love and chasing their dreams, and let's not forget the catchy soundtrack!

The next day, dressed like a stereotypical tourist - hat scarf gloves and all, I headed out to Covent Gardens for some more 'retail therapy'. The market square was jam packed so we headed a little further away to Bridget's Bakery for a scone and jam. We got a little room all to ourselves because there weren't any tables available. The room had vintage chairs, matching table and a cakestand. We stopped in at a local pub to watch a Scotland rugby match and, after visiting another few shops, we headed back to the cinema, bought a large popcorn, settled into (what were becoming) our regular seats to watch another film with yet again tear filled eyes, Lion. Lion is based on the true story of a young, Indian boy who becomes lost after falling asleep on a train and is eventually adopted by an Australian couple. Haunted by his past, Saroo sets out to reunite himself with his long-lost family.

On our third day, we took the subway to Harrods for a bit of window shopping. After four hours of wandering around the hustle of Harrods, we went to Selfridges for a quick glance before our meal in China Town of crispy duck and chicken satay. After stuffing ourselves full, we set off to see Les Misérables. Yet another emotionally draining night.

During our last day of travelling London, we toured around Westminster and the House of Commons. In the afternoon, we boarded the train at Euston as we prepared to return home.